Welcome to my webcomic.

This comic is pretty much serving as a hobby of mine for now, an experiment. For years I’ve dreamed of doing my own webcomic and now I’ve finally come to the moment when I think that it’s time to put pencil to paper and just do it. I am not a professional cartoonist. By that I mean I don’t make a regular living at illustration. I’ve always drawn as a hobby and always had a desire to create a comic book but I just never found the time to getting around to it.

Well, now’s the time.

I’m not promising that I’ll be getting pages out every day, week, or even month. They’ll go up when they go up. As I stated before, this is a hobby and I’ll get pages out when I can. But  I do hope to get the story out as often as possible. If you click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the right you’ll be able to keep appraised of when each new page goes up. I’ll be sure to let the world know when each new step of this journey is being taken.

For now I just hope that you will enjoy what I’m doing when I’m doing it. The Diplomatics are characters that I’ve had milling around in my head, on sketchbooks, or in desk drawers for years and years. I’ve always wanted to do my own superhero stories as I’ve always loved the genre. I can’t say that I’m getting a lot out of much of the superhero stuff out there these days so I might as well create some of my own and see how it goes. You’re not going to find The Watchmen here or even John Byrne’s run on the Fantastic Four. I’m not claiming to be that talented. But what you will get here is some straightforward superhero stuff by a guy who loves superheroes and what they stand for.

What you will find here is The Diplomatics and I hope you’ll enjoy them.